LTD VEBA Trust For Former Nortel Employees

Case Overview

2016 Distribution & W-4 Alert

If you wish to change your W-4 for the 2016 Distribution, please refer to the Internal Revenue Service website to obtain the 2016 W-4, which can be found at, specifically As a reminder, please consult with your own tax advisor and legal counsel to determine if you need to submit a Form W-4, how often you should submit a Form W-4 and when it will expire. You may also contact Gary D. Cerasi, CPA, who has had related success in the past with many of you and he is familiar with your current tax issues. A prior alert with his information is located on this page immediately below.

Please note that if you filed an EXEMPT W-4 for 2015 you must submit a new 2016 W-4 or we will withhold the statutory 25% for the 2016 distribution.

Kindly provide the W-4 to Eric Schwarz at or via facsimile at 818-783-2737 by DECEMBER 28, 2015 and Sandee Roberts at You may also fax the W-4 to Elliott Greenleaf, Attn.: Sandee Roberts at 302-384-9399, but this may possibly delay your check.

Please be advised that is is our goal to have the checks, ACH transfers and wires issued by JANUARY 5, 2016.

In order to preserve the settlement proceeds, the Trust has requested that all LTD plan participants review this website and the plan materials sent to you on June 11, 2013. Questions regarding the HRA should be directed to WageWorks' customer service center, questions regarding the disability plan should be directed to the person assigned to you at DIS, and questions regarding the disbursements should be made through the Submit an Inquiry tab. The Trust will make its professionals available to any LTD participant who needs individualized attention and assess costs against that individual's settlement. Please contact Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Shelley A. Kinsella, or Eric M. Sutty to make arrangements.

Tax Questions

John Rossi and Rafael Zahralddin - counsel to the trust - have discussed his tax situation and related success in the past and he is similarly situated to many of you. As another potential resource for you all, though we cannot guarantee that Mr. Cerasi can get the same results as he did for Mr. Rossi, we can recommend that you all should call him as his rates are reasonable and he knows the company and your situations generally.

Gary D. Cerasi, CPA
President, / CEO
192 E. Wallings Rd. Suite C
Broadview Hts., Oh 44147

Status of Discussions with the PBGC

Status of Discussions with the PBGC

The professionals for the VEBA Committee have and continue to engage the PBGC to clarify early retirement and the effect of the settlement on early access to your pension. The PBGC recently requested additional documents which included confidential information filed under protective orders entered in the bankruptcy case. With the consent of the Debtors, all of the requested responsive documents have now been provided to the PBGC subject to the protective orders entered in the bankruptcy case, a nondisclosure agreement entered into between the Debtors and the PBGC and a representation by the PBGC to respect the bankruptcy court’s orders sealing documents. We will keep you informed as the negotiations with the PBGC continue.

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